Brakes Service and Repair

Suspension and Brakes

Your suspension and brakes are two different systems that actually depend on each other to help maximize the ability for your vehicle to brake properly and ride comfortably. L&M Automotive can help trouble shoot your suspension and brake system for optimal performance. For example, a weak suspension can affect your brake system by limiting the distance it takes for your vehicle to stop quickly. Worn shocks/struts and weak suspension put more strain on your brake system causing weak performance and premature wear. No two vehicles can ever be compared equally due to this. A worn suspension can also affect the wheel alignment and cause premature tire wear. Loose ball joints and worn bushings will alter the settings on the alignment causing steering pull and wear tires unevenly shorting their life. Next time you need your suspension checked or brakes service, call us today and give the team at L&M Automotive in Lake Forest an opportunity to serve you. We'll make your visit convenient by offering simple, cost effective solutions.