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Charlie is the owner of L&M Automotive. He graduated from Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, MN in 1986 and became a Master Certified Auto Technician. In 1992 he moved to California and in 1994 he acquired L&M Automotive from Mike & Larry. It is with honesty and work ethics that helped make L&M Automotive a reputable and trusted auto repair shop in Lake Forest. Besides working on cars and operating L&M, he enjoys cooking and cooks meals for his team at the shop daily. On the weekends, he can be found on the golf course with friends and customers, and enjoying a motorcycle or mountain bike ride.

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Meet Brian, an automotive professional with over 28 years of experience. Having spent a decade as a Master Technician, Brian then took on the role of a Snap-on Equipment Specialist, showcasing his expertise in the industry. Transitioning to entrepreneurship, he established his own business, specializing in heavy shop equipment, lifts, and alignment machines. Since 2020, Brian has been an integral part of the L&M team, bringing his wealth of knowledge to his current role as a Service Manager. Beyond the shop, Brian enjoys spending time with family and can be found outdoors camping and fishing during his downtime.

Noah | L & M Automotive Service CenterTYLER


Tyler, an ASE Certified Master Technician with a distinguished six-year tenure at L&M Automotive, excels as an advanced level technician in Engine Performance Diagnostics. Committed to professional growth, Tyler is currently pursing his SMOG Certification and Inspector license. A graduate of Saddleback with a Certificate of Achievement in Automotive Technology, Tyler began his journey as an apprentice at L&M Automotive. Beyond his expertise, Tyler can be found spending quality time with friends and family, indulging in mountain biking and jet skiing in his off time.

Noah | L & M Automotive Service CenterNOAH


Noah, an ASE Certified Technician with an impressive 5 year tenure at L&M Automotive. Noah started as an apprentice at L&M Automotive, He soon after, received an Associates Degree and Certificate of Achievements in Automotive Technology and two ASE Certifications in Brakes and Suspension. Beyond the shop, Noah finds joy spending time with his friends and family, Noah's wealth of experience and dedication make him a valuable asset to the team, ensuring a continued commitment to automotive excellence.   

Noah | L & M Automotive Service CenterKAYSON


Kayson, a dedicated professional, boasts a two-year tenure at L&M Automotive, where he serves as a skilled Lubrication/Service Technician. Kayson's expertise and commitment contributes to the seamless operation of the automotive service team. On his off time, you can find Kayson playing Ice hockey and off-roading with friends and family.

Noah | L & M Automotive Service CenterHAILI


Haili is a seasoned professional with a unique blend of automotive expertise and digital savvy. With six months of dedicated service to L&M Automotive, she's become the linchpin of communication, overseeing our social media and serving as clients' primary point of contact. While serving the USMC, Haili pursued her passion for cars and completed tech school at the United Education Institute. She continues to grow her career, majoring in Electrical Performance at Saddleback College. Haili's commitment, expertise, and adventurous spirit make a lasting impact at L&M Automotive with her perfect blend of professionalism and passion. 


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